Addictology is a field of medicine that addresses several  conditions of being addicted to a particular substance or activity (addiction).

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In general, main focus of addictology is the treatment of alcohol or/and drug abuse but also persons with sexual abuse or co-dependency are dealt with.

Which problems can be treated by the addictologist at Oktogon Medical Center?

  • alcohol and drug abuse, when consumption of these substances becomes regular and indispensable for the affected person, interfering  with his/her daily routine, emotional life and decision-making.
  • sexual abuse; aberrations; uncontrollable sexual fantasy; use of masturbation as a drug; overdriven and uncontrolled sex drive leading to unfaithfulness (to one's spouse or lover), unrest and quarrels; online sexual dependency; in some cases, sexuality are associated with violence or violent thoughts.
  • co-dependency when the affected person is so addicted to his/her partner that he/she is not able to exist, live without this partner, experiencing mental and physical distress.

What to expect during an addictology consultation and treatment?

Basically, such consultation consists of dialogues, discussions but sometimes presciption of medicines may be necessary, following a thorough medical check. Medications can be taken periodically or continuously, according to the instructions of the specialist. He/she has the competency to identify possible remaining signs of dependency that may require further treatment.

Addiktológiai problémák

In many cases, consultations with the family members or friends of the patient are essential for the successful therapy. These are conducted by a competent, experienced specialist who participates as an equal partner with the patient and/or the relatives. Language of such conversations is always adjusted to the education level and cultural background of the participants.

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  • Addictology consultation (40 minutes) 20000 Ft
  • Control 14000 Ft

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