Ultrasonography is the most commonly used diagnostic imaging technique in today's medicine.

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Main advantages of ultrasound examination:

  • It does not pose any biologically harmful ionizing radiation on human body
  • no adverse effects or contraindications are known
  • no pain
  • can be performed at any age
  • may be repeated several times as required

Ultrasonography provides 2D-images of the evaluated regions, allowing the diagnostic screening of numerous pathologic conditions.

Ultrasound examination takes approx. 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the complaints and the body region to be assessed.

Ultrahang hasi vizsgálat

Please, avoid eating 6-8 hours prior to abdominal ultrasound and limit your fluid intake (tap water, mineral water without gas) to a low level. For pelvic ultrasound, high fluid intake and holding back urine before the examination is recommended so that the bladder is filled.

More information on ultrasonography in general:

Medical ultrasound is usually used for diagnosing abdominal pains of unknown origin but also allows screening the increasingly common thyroid problems, chronic conditions of the kidneys, significant part of cervical swellings, primary and secondary tumors. Benign, mostly infection-induced enlargegement of lymphoid glands can be distinguished/differentiated? from severe lesions that require more specific treatment.

Ultrahang térdvizsgálat

As an additional benefit, medical ultrasound allows fast and precise diagnosis of soft tissues problems, including certain benignant and malignant lesions.

Ultrasonography is perfect for the evaluation of blood vessels and blood flow, in most cases, of cervical arteries (so called Doppler ultrasound). Possible changes in general status of central and peripheral arteries can be easily assessed, such as arteriosclerosis?, deep vein thrombosis or problems of venous blood circulation.

Medical ultrasound plays a significant role in breast diagnostics as well. Taking the symptoms and complaints into account, this is the most frequently used method under the age of 35-40 years, while in women over 40 mammography is also required for breast diagnostics.

ealth check in newborns and infants can be performed with ultrasonography, too. Skull, abdomen and hips are checked in babies, generally at week 4-6 of life.

Ultrasound prices

Ultrasound árak
  • Carotid artery ultrasound 26000 Ft
  • Cervical ultrasound (thyroid, salivary gland, lymph node, cervical vessels) 26000 Ft
  • Breast ultrasound 26000 Ft
  • Abdominal ultrasound 26000 Ft
  • Examination of renal circulation 26000 Ft
  • Duplex ultrasound examination of limb veins and arteries 26000 Ft
  • Ultrasound examination of joints (shoulders, hips, knees) 26000 Ft
  • Ultrasound examination of limb and tribal soft tissue 26000 Ft
  • Complex ultrasound screening of infants (skull, abdomen, hips) 26000 Ft
  • On the same day, the examination of two regions 42000 Ft
  • Weekend additional fee 6000 Ft

Our extra fees are beyond the test fees, so we charge you extra than the test fees!

Cancellation or modification of the reservation more than 1 hour before the given time is free of charge. In case of cancellations or no-shows within 1 hour, our patient must pay 100% of the treatment price.
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