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Abdominal ultrasound examination

Abdominal ultrasound examination

This pain-free procedure does not have any adverse effects on human body. Instead of detailed examination of hollow organs of the abdomen (stomach, bowels), it is particularly suitable for displaying the so called parenchymal organs, such as gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, and, in the pelvic region, uterus (womb), ovaries, urinary bladder, as well as prostate in men.

In addition to the above, also major abdominal blood vessels and lymph nodes can be visualized.

Typically, its main purpose is to reveal the underlying causes of abdominal pain; presence of stones in the gall bladder, kidneys and/ or other sections of the urinary tract; certain lesions, structural changes, enlargement of different organs.

Hasi Ultrahang Vizsgálati készülék

It is very useful in the diagnosis of different tumours, their metastases, abdominal fluid or bleedings.

In many cases, it may be reasonable to have an abdominal ultrasound without experiencing any complaints since it allows identification of several serious conditions even at a very early stage when no symptoms are present.

What to expect at an abdominal ultrasound examination?

With the patient lying in a supine position and uncovered belly, an ultrasound transmission gel is put onto the abdominal skin, which serves as a transmission medium for the ultrasounds. Examining probe of the ultrasound system emits very high frequency ultrasound that fall in the non-audible range of human hearing. Ultrasonic probe detects the ultrasounds reflected by the different body tissues, converting them into electric signals and displayed on the monitor as ultrasound images. Diagnosis is made after analysing these images. During the examination, the patient may be asked to take a deeper breath and hold it for a while; to change his/her position or raise his/her arm. Displayed images can be frozen and/or printed; dimensions of the displayed organs and structures can be measured.

How to prepare for the examination?

For a successful examination - particularly if it focuses on the bile system and pancreas - an empty stomach is required. Please, avoid eating for 6 hours prior to the examination; however, sufficient fluid intake (tap water) is recommended since urinary bladder and its surrounding areas can be optimally assessed if urinary bladder is almost full.     

Besides, in order to improve efficacy of the procedure, the examining doctor previously provides detailed information for the patient on what to do before the examination. Success of the ultrasound examination also depends on its preparation.

Abdominal ultrasound examination prices

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