Dr. Zoltán Sidó PhD


Dr. Zoltán Sidó, PhD, is an internationally recognized specialist in cardiology with decades of professional knowledge.

Dr. Zoltán Sidó PhD

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  • Oktogon Medical Center 2 1066 Budapest, Oktogon Tér 3. ground floor 6.
Dr. Zoltán Sidó PhD
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Dr. Zoltán Sidó PhD

In 1978 I graduated from the Faculty of Aero-Medicine of the Leningrad Military Medical Academy. After that, until 1986, I took part in the examination of military pilots at the Kecskemét Aeronautical Medical Examination and Research Institute. During this time, I took a specialist exam in aero-medicine.

In 1986 I transferred to the Department of Conditioning and Internal Medicine of OSEI and at the same time I passed the internal medicine examination. For the sake of my professional development, I also examined in the following fields: sports medicine, cardiology, occupational medicine.

Thanks to my high level of professionalism, and for 10 years of practice I was the leading internist doctor of the Hungarian wrestling team at three Olympic Games (Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992, Sydney 2000)

I was the first in the country to study obese patients with echocardiography, impedance cardiography, Holter monitor, and exercise ECG, as well as the effects of different sports on the heart.

From 2004 I was the chief physician of the department of the Military Hospital, and also the Chief Cardiologist of the Hungarian Army.

From 2007, I continued my career as the Chief Physician of the Special Purpose Clinic of the State Health Center of the Ministry of Defense.

Leaving the public sector in 2011, I started working at the Positron Diagnostic Center, where I still work today.

From 2012 to 2014, I led the OSEI Cardiology Clinic.

From 2014, I worked at the cardiology department of the ORMOS Institute until 2018.

I joined the medical team at Oktogon Medical Center in 2020.

In addition to my work as an associate professor, I have taught at the University of Physical Education and Semmelweis University. I have given lectures at 42 international and 59 domestic congresses and symposiums, and I have been the author of several professional publications.

I am a member of the Hungarian Society of Cardiologists, the Hungarian Obesity Society, the Hungarian Diabetes Society, the Hungarian Atherosclerosis Society, the Aviation Medicine Society and the Sports Medicine Society.

Current workplaces

  • Oktogon Medical Center

Cardiology prices

Cardiology árak
  • Kardiológiai szakvizsgálat nyugalmi EKG-val 30000 Ft
  • Nyugalmi EKG vizsgálat kiértékeléssel 15000 Ft
  • Kontroll kardiológiai vizsgálat EKG-val (3 hónapon belül) 25000 Ft
  • Kontroll kardiológiai vizsgálat EKG nélkül ( 3 hónapon belül ) 20000 Ft
  • Kontroll kardiológiai vizsgálat (3 hónapon túl 25000 Ft
  • Terheléses (kerékpár) EKG vizsgálat 30000 Ft
  • ECHO (szívultrahang) vizsgálat 30000 Ft
  • Kardiológiai szakvizsgálat EKG-val, ECHO és összefoglaló vélemény 45000 Ft
  • Kardiológiai szakvizsgálat terheléses (kerékpáros) EKG-val és összefoglaló vélemény 45000 Ft
  • Kardiológiai szakvizsgálat ECHO, terheléses (kerékpár) EKG-val, összefoglaló értékelés, rizikóbecslés, életmód tanácsadás.  65000 Ft
  • Holter monitorozás (24 órás EKG) 24000 Ft
  • ABPM monitorozás (24 órás vérnyomásmérés) 22000 Ft
  • Holter vagy ABPM kiértékelés 10000 Ft
  • Konzultáció más intézetekben készült leletek alapján 25000 Ft
  • Problémaorientált belgyógyászati vizsgálat 25000 Ft
  • Belgyógyászati vizsgálat terheseknek, vélemény EKG-val 22000 Ft
  • Műtét előtti vizsgálat EKG-val, rizikóbecslés 25000 Ft
  • Receptírás 5000 Ft

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