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ELOS Laser dermatological treatment

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ELOS Laser dermatological treatment

What is ELOS?

Electro Optimal Synergy. It is essentially a system where radio frequency energy is combined with light energy, which can be IPL flash, diode laser, or infrared light.

The synergistic use of these energies is widely proven to guarantee one of the most effective aesthetic treatment results.

In the year of 2000, Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, the founder of Syneron Medical and the owner of the IPL patent, developed the ELOS procedure principle. Syneron is the only company to have this technology.

The advantages of the technology:

  • It has been clinically proven that ELOS technology is more efficient, effective and safe in many aspect.
  • The secure energy level of the device provides configuration options that ensure laser hair removal. It works well with too dark skin type or light hair as well when by other sytems its promblematic.
  • -An important element of the treatment method is the patient protection system, which measures the parameters of the treated skin millions of seconds per second, regulates if the skin is exposed to danger.

The medical aesthetic machines sold by Syneron – Candela Company are proven to be among the most popular beauty tools in the world, used by many dermatologists and plastic surgeons every day.

Types of ELOS treatment available at Oktogon Medical Center:

  • Skin rejuvenation, also known as photorejuvenation
  • Treatment of pigment spots, aging spots
  • Rosacea treatment
  • Treatment of acne, wide pore skin
  • Treatment of spider veins
  • Permanent hair removal

Skin rejuvenation, also known as photorejuvenation

Our skin loses significantly of its collagen and elastin content as it ages. Photorejuvenation is a complex skin rejuvenation with light. The skin tissues, as a result of the light effect, begin to produce collagen and elastin fibers again.

During the treatment a flash of light produced by high-energy laser technology, which is an incoherent non-laser light . When this light penetrate to a depth of 2-4 mm and releases its energy is absorbed into the tissues.

During photothermolysis, the path of light creates substantial changes in the cutis (skin) layer on the tissues. It renews the deeper layers of the dermis without tissue removal, where during the renewal of the cellular fibers, it initiates a process that builds up the tissues from inside by building upwards of each layer.

The results of the treatment appear gradually after 3-4 months. After the course of 4-6 treatments, the patient's skin is rejuvenated, deep wrinkles are reduced, small wrinkles are smoothed out, and the skin becomes fresh and youthful again.

Who do we recommend the treatment to?

After the age of 30, for anyone who’s skin started aging and wants a fresh, youthful look again.

Contraindications to laser treatments:

  • Pregnancy,
  • Febrile illness,
  • For tanned or recently tanned skin
  • In the field of tattoos and / or permanent makeup,
  • When taking medicines that cause photosensitivity,
  • In case of active diseases of the skin surface to be treated (eczema, active herpes, psoriasis, etc.),
  • Shortly after other laser treatment
  • Resin treatment of the surface to be treated in a short time

Treatment of pigment spots, aging spots

During the ELOS medical- aesthetic treatment, the bipolarized light penetrates 2-4 mm into the skin, and the light absorbing in the pigmented tissue.

As a result of the light effect, the pigment spots are going to be darker, but do not be afraid of this, because it shows that the light energy has hit the melanin cells. After treatment, the spots lighten after 1-2 weeks and then disappear almost completely after the right amount of treatment.

We recommend the treatment in case of:

  • Low-colored moles (lens spot or lentigo),
  • Chloasma (postpartum or aging liver spot),
  • Hyperpigmentation (excessive melanin production),
  • In case of photoaging (light damage).

Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is an inflammatory, time-widening vasodilatory disease that is typically found on the face.

One of the most effective treatments for first-stage vasodilation - rosacea erythematosa teleangiectatica - can be performed with the Syneron ELOS device.

Early detection and treatment of the disease is very important because extensive vasodilation can be eliminated, so it is recommended to start the intervention as soon as possible so that rosacea does not become permanent.

Its difficult for patients to tolerate local and systemic therapies (antibiotics and vitamin A) and therefore they prefer ELOS laser rosacea treatment without skin damage.

We recommend the treatment to:

For people who are in there 40’s but also for young adults with blond hair, blue eyes and accompanying light skin being a higher risk factor for them. Red spots (erythemia) and capillaries appear centrally (around the nose) on the face.

The cause of the disease may be internal disorders, gastroenterological disorders, seborrheic predisposition, alcohol consumption, hot, cold, windy weather. Genetic factors may also predispose to the development. Patients are usually sensitive to light.

Treatment of acne, wide pore skin

The Syneron ELOS laser combined with flash and radio frequency equipment  almost completely eliminate the symptoms. The acne will disappear, the inflammation will disappear, the skin will be smoother and cleaner. The scars formed from previous acne will decrease in size.

The treatment should be performed 2-5 times, depending on the type of problem. The recommended time of the interventions is autumn or winter because the treatment causes photosensitivity!

We recommend the treatment to:

For people who are int he age of there puberty what is a gender-independent, natural process that creates rapid changes in the body.

After the age of 12-13 years, the thymus is regressed, hormonal changes take place, secondary sexuality develops, characterized by sebaceous gland hyperactivity, hair growth disorders, corneal formation disorders, and changes caused by microorganisms.

This also results in oily, acne-prone skin. When this condition occurs in larger quantities permanently, and inflammation and redness also appear, consult the dermatologists of our institution.

Treatment of spider veins

Early varicose vein disease of the varicose veins in the thighs and legs, retinal varicose veins is called the spider vein. It is usually red or blue up to 1-3 millimeters thick. Laser treatment for venous diseases has been perfected in various forms for over two decades. One of the most effective, safest ways to treat this disease is the ELOS laser combination therapy. ELOS takes advantage of the synergistic properties of radio frequency and laser technology. The essential mechanism of this is that a specific wavelength laser energy emits a heat effect on the hemoglobin in the capillaries and on the blood plasma, while at the same time a pre-calculated radio frequency energy acts locally on the vein. With the combined energies, a proper effect can also be achieved in the deeper connective tissue layers, thus eliminating unpleasant side effects such as burns or severe pain. The ELOS treatment  thanks to the built-in safety system has minimal complications. No burns or skin damage. Treatments should be performed 3-6 times as a cure. The red and blue capillaries gradually fade and are then absorbed.

It is advisable to carry out the treatment in the autumn and winter season because the treated skin surface becomes light-sensitive.

We recommend the treatment to:

Spider vein is a vascular lesion that can affect everyone. It can be caused by a genetic or structural tendency, but it can also depend on some physical factors. Such physical formation may be due to:

  • Obesity, overweight
  • Pregnancy, other hormonal effects
  • Seated work
  • Increased physical exertion
  • Overweight

Permanent hair removal

ELOS laser hair removal is the latest laser technology developed today, which makes hair follicles unviable with maximum safety and adequate efficiency. Nowadays, there is a growing need to remove unwanted hair from the body. Traditional hair removal procedures such as waxing or shaving are only a temporary solution, not to mention the inconvenience of overgrown hairs and hair follicle inflammation.

  • The life cycle of hairs consists of three phases:
  • growth (anagen),
  • transient (catagen),
  • resting (telogen) phase

Hair bulbs can only be effectively irradiated in the growing (active) phase. With the ELOS method, the hairs are made active by radio frequency irradiation for a few thousandths of a second, and at the same time they receive flash light irradiation. Because this energy does not act through melanin, it is effective on all hairs as blonde, red, or gray. The treatment is repeated 4-6 times to achieve the desired effect. Usually 20% of the hairs die on one occasion, but this varies from body to body and may depend on the color of the hairs, skin color, pre-exposure (whether there was waxing, sunbathing). ELOS laser hair removal is a less painful procedure, although it naturally depends on the sensitivity of the individual and the body region. If you have a strong body hear or in more sensitive areas, such as the intimate parts of the body a slight tingling, stinging sensation can be felt.

The Syneron ELOS measures the temperature of the skin surface and the treatment head at each flash and keeps the pain and heat effect at an optimal level.

How to arrive on laser hair removal?

  • The treated surface must be completely shaved!
  • Do not wax 2-3 weeks before treatment!
  • Sunbathing and tanning should be avoided for 1-2 weeks before and after the treatment!
  • Before the first treatment, a test shot is given to filter out any side effects.
  • The use of cosmetics in the target area should be avoided.

Contraindications to laser hair removal:

  • Pregnancy,
  • Febrile illness,
  • Tanned or recently tanned skin,
  • Tattoos and / or permanent makeup on the surface,
  • Taking photosensitising drugs,
  • In case of active diseases of the skin surface to be treated (eczema, active herpes, psoriasis, etc.),
  • Shortly after other laser treatment
  • Waxing  treatment of the surface to be treated in a short time.

Side effects of laser hair removal:

The safety of ELOS laser hair removal is perfectly characterized by the fact that side effects can occur in rare cases. These may include occasional minor redness, swelling, pigmentation. Menstruation does not affect treatment. Epilation of a child is performed only on the indication of a doctor.

ELOS Laser dermatological treatment prices

ELOS Laser dermatological treatment árak

The service is available at Móricz Medical Center: 06 30 782 8071

Our extra fees are beyond the test fees, so we charge you extra than the test fees!

Cancellation or modification of the reservation more than 1 hour before the given time is free of charge. In case of cancellations or no-shows within 1 hour, our patient must pay 100% of the treatment price.
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