Dr. Csaba Fülöp


Dr. Csaba Fülöp, a gastroenterologist with more than two decades of professional and scientific experience, gives his patients safety that they are in good hands.

Dr. Csaba Fülöp

Opening hours

  • 16:00 - 20:00

Rendelési cím

  • Oktogon Medical Center 2 1066 Budapest, Oktogon Tér 3. ground floor 6.
Dr. Csaba Fülöp
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Dr. Csaba Fülöp

In 1988 I graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of the Medical and Pharmaceutical University of Târgu Mureş. After that, I obtained my professional exams in internal medicine and gastroenterology in Budapest.

I am currently working in the Gastroenterology Department of the Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital for more than two decades as a department and specialist doctor.

For the past more than twenty years, my areas of practice have been: stomach, colon disease, reflux, ulcer disease, bile duct and pancreatic disease, motility, inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, CRC, screening programs.

Since 1997 I have been performing endoscopic examinations within the framework of state specialist medical care, and since 2014 within the framework of private medical prescriptions. These are: endoscopies for diagnostic purposes, and endoscopies for therapeutic purposes (e.g., removal of polyps, hemostasis, removal of foreign bodies into the gastrointestinal tract, endoscopic insertion of a PEG feeding tube, and a jejunal feeding tube).

Current workplaces

  • Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital Outpatient Clinic Gastroenterology Clinic

Gastroenteorology prices

Gastroenteorology árak


  • First consultation, 30-40 minutes 30000 Ft
  • Control Consultation 20000 Ft
  • Prescription of medicine 2000 Ft


  • Anesthesia 54000 Ft
  • Anesthesia for two test 57500 Ft


  • Gastroscopy 50000 Ft
  • Colonoscopy 70000 Ft
  • Sigmoidoscopy 45000 Ft


  • Biopsy 1 sampling 12500 Ft
  • Biopsy 2 sampling 18000 Ft
  • Biopsy 3 sampling 21500 Ft
  • Polypectomy with endoscope / 1 piece 13000 Ft
  • Polypectomy with endoscope / 2 pieces 24000 Ft
  • Polypectomy with endoscope / 3 or more 33000 Ft

Additional Tests

  • H2 exhalation test for lactulose or lactose 23000 Ft
  • Fructose exhalation test 23000 Ft
  • H2 exhalation test for lactose and lactulose 2x180 min 42000 Ft
  • Helicobacter exhalation test 20000 Ft
  • Abdominal ultrasound 21000 Ft
  • Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound 35000 Ft
  • Food intolerance test (206) 55000 Ft
  • Helicobacter pylori breath test 26000 Ft

Stomach balloon insertion

  • Consultation 30000 Ft
  • Abdominal ultrasound 26000 Ft
  • Cardiology ECG 30000 Ft
  • Gastroscopy 50000 Ft
  • Stomach balloon 6 months 850000 Ft
  • Stomach balloon 12 months 1010000 Ft
  • Anesthesia 54000 Ft
  • 6 month stomach balloon in total 1040000 Ft
  • 12 month stomach balloon in total 1200000 Ft

Stomach balloon removal

  • Anesthesia 54000 Ft
  • Gastroscopy 50000 Ft
  • Altogether 104000 Ft

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